How can online internships handle public speaking? We realize the hesitation in paying an application fee for a public-speaking program if you do not have face-to-face interaction with your instructors. To better help you understand how an online platform can handle public speaking programs, here is some information (you can read more here: We help you learn to deliver speeches and present your arguments effectively through recorded submissions. Speeches are recorded on our site and undergo an intensive editing process that includes individual feedback and tips on working on skills taught each week. The program includes weekly lessons and quizzes to help you learn the skills required to deliver persuasive speeches Each lesson includes written lecture, practice quizzes, and speech assignments. We encourage you to apply skills learned through our internship in the real world by posting information about non-profits that are relevant to your speech.   How much does the internship cost? There is an application fee of $10/750INR. Let us know, however, if you need a fee waiver.    How do I sign up for this internship? You can sign up here, if you scroll down to the Apply section. We accept applications on a rolling basis.   I have an article I want to publish, but I am not a U4SC intern. What can I do? We are now accepting guest op-eds of under 1000 words. To submit or learn more go to   More questions? Contact us using Messenger or email us at [email protected]